Las Vegas, 24 hours of fun

Las Vegas, Nevada. What images come to mind when you hear about this desert oasis. Casinos, gambling, alcohol, the scorching summer heat?

Las Vegas seems to have something for everyone, I’ve been over twenty times and stayed at numerous places in the city, some a lot nicer than others, but each trip brings me back for something. The shows, the food, the late night gambling thrills, this city has it all. From my first trip over 11 years ago in 2000, even I’ve seen a lot of changes in this big city, some for the better, and some that just seem to happen to one up the last guy.

With so many choices of hotels, and such a big range of prices its important to know what your looking for from you stay in Las Vegas before deciding where to book. Are you looking to impress, save money, party with the guys, spend time with your spouce?

I’ll be posting more next time, a look at my time in Las Vegas, I hope it helps you decide which hotel / resort to stay at.

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