Magnificent long beaches and a laid back lifestyle are perhaps the things Negril is known for best. Along its world famous 7 mile beach lie many types of hotels from small family owned places to large resorts. Soak up the sun or enjoy many different types of watersports offered here, from snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing, Negril offers much on its calm shores.

Negril Jamaica

Located on the west coast of Jamaica, is Negril located in Westmoreland and Hanover parishes. Once just a small village it is now one of the most popular destinations in the country. Renowned for its extraordinary beaches, Negril boasts its Seven Mile beach as one of the world’s greatest. Further along the shore the shimmering sea rises up into the area known as the Cliffs. This area provides beautiful sunset views, and provides many spots for the locals to thrill your with their cliff diving. Many smaller and local owned hotels are located in this area.

What isn’t as well known to visitors is that Negrils seven mile beach is really two stretches of long beaches broken up into two bays. Long Bay which, is the longer of the two at 5 miles long, while Bloody Bay is located further north around the point is another two miles of white beach.

For the individual that loves to take those long walks on pristine sandy beaches, Negril Jamaica is a place you want to visit.

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