Long Bay Beach Negril

Located in Negril Jamaica and part of the seven mile beach is Long Bay. Located on this vast stretch of beach are many hotels, ranging from the all inclusive resorts to the smaller owned family hotels and bed and breakfast places.

On the north end of Long bay there are located many of the larger resorts in Negril. Starting from Hedonism II, Sandals Negril and working miles down the beach are other resorts such as Beaches and after Couples Swept Away the resorts start to get smaller in size, and non all inclusive hotels, restaurants, and bars are also located on the Beach, including Margaritaville Negril.

This long stretch of beach offers much in the way of leisure activities and sightseeing up and down the beach. In the early morning before many people are awake its common to see people jogging down the beach getting their morning exercise, and after breakfast people start to tan and swim. As the day goes on there are many activities at the bars, and plenty of shopping to be found along the beaches of seven mile beach in Negril. Vendors offer fishing, para sailing, jet ski rentals, and glass bottom boats among other fun things to do.

Long Bay Beach Negril

long bay part of seven mile beach

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