Suite or Standard room in Vegas

Augustus Tower Room

Augustus Tower Room at Caesars Palace

People often wonder when traveling to Las Vegas or other destinations weather they should upgrade from a basic room. Well there are many considerations when asking this question, but lets focus on Vegas for now.

The first question you should be asking is why you want a suite, is it for a Jacuzzi Tub, a bar in the room, pool table, or even yet a bowling alley? Seem like much, how about a swimming pool, inside or outside. Las Vegas has more suite options and perks associated with suites then any other destination. If you can imagine an amenity chances are there is a Vegas suite out there that will satisfy it.

The second thing to consider is how much time you will be spending in your room, these upgrades don’t come cheap, and if your not using them why pay for them?

Now if your planning on having clients or friends down for a big party, and either plan on spending most of the night in, or a good pre-party in the room and heading out, then a suite might be a good idea. If you want a romantic time with your wife or girlfriend, and a hot tub, or jacuzzi tub is a must, then maybe.

But most folks will find the hundreds if not thousands of dollars they spent could have been put to better use. Lots of people end up being in their room in Vegas enough to shower, and pass out for the night. If that is you then a standard room is more then enough.

I’ve found that prices for suites in Vegas can very wildly, even more so than standard rooms. If your not a comped player at a casino good luck getting a deal on a suite from the casino, your better off looking on Expedia and comparing prices. If you do gamble a lot, contact your host, suite upgrades are an easy comp for them to issue depending on availability. Even for some lower level player you can luck out sometimes you know.

Good luck getting great suite deals in Vegas!

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