Bloody Bay Negril

The smaller of the two sections of 7 mile beach in Negril is Bloody Bay. It is approximately two miles long and contains 5 resorts and a small section of public beach where some local vendors offer food and souvenirs for sale.

Because the amount and size of bigger resort hotels that occupy most of the access to this section of the beach in Negril there are fewer vendors walking the beach compared to Long Bay, there are still numerous vendors to be found selling such items as, t-shirts, cigars, cigarettes, and those who sing songs and play instruments for tips.

On the water, and walking the beach there will be vendors offering jet skis for rent as well as para-sailing trips for sale.

The five resorts located on the bloody bay section of beach in Negril are: Breezes Grand Negril, Couples Negril, Riu Palace Tropical Bay, and the Club Hotel Riu Negril, and Sunset at the Palms, which is located across the street, but has a beach facility with a restaurant located both on the beach side.

Bloody Bay Beach Negril

Bloody Bay Beach Negril

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Las Vegas, 24 hours of fun

Las Vegas, Nevada. What images come to mind when you hear about this desert oasis. Casinos, gambling, alcohol, the scorching summer heat?

Las Vegas seems to have something for everyone, I’ve been over twenty times and stayed at numerous places in the city, some a lot nicer than others, but each trip brings me back for something. The shows, the food, the late night gambling thrills, this city has it all. From my first trip over 11 years ago in 2000, even I’ve seen a lot of changes in this big city, some for the better, and some that just seem to happen to one up the last guy.

With so many choices of hotels, and such a big range of prices its important to know what your looking for from you stay in Las Vegas before deciding where to book. Are you looking to impress, save money, party with the guys, spend time with your spouce?

I’ll be posting more next time, a look at my time in Las Vegas, I hope it helps you decide which hotel / resort to stay at.

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Magnificent long beaches and a laid back lifestyle are perhaps the things Negril is known for best. Along its world famous 7 mile beach lie many types of hotels from small family owned places to large resorts. Soak up the sun or enjoy many different types of watersports offered here, from snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing, Negril offers much on its calm shores.

Negril Jamaica

Located on the west coast of Jamaica, is Negril located in Westmoreland and Hanover parishes. Once just a small village it is now one of the most popular destinations in the country. Renowned for its extraordinary beaches, Negril boasts its Seven Mile beach as one of the world’s greatest. Further along the shore the shimmering sea rises up into the area known as the Cliffs. This area provides beautiful sunset views, and provides many spots for the locals to thrill your with their cliff diving. Many smaller and local owned hotels are located in this area.

What isn’t as well known to visitors is that Negrils seven mile beach is really two stretches of long beaches broken up into two bays. Long Bay which, is the longer of the two at 5 miles long, while Bloody Bay is located further north around the point is another two miles of white beach.

For the individual that loves to take those long walks on pristine sandy beaches, Negril Jamaica is a place you want to visit.

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Ocho Rios

Located on the north side of the Island is a popular tourist destination and the main port for cruise ships stopping into Jamaica. Its a lush tropical area known for Dunn’s river falls, a freshwater waterfall that flows into the warm Caribbean sea. Home to many hotels and resorts its a popular destination for tourists coming into Jamaica.

Above, the cost of Ocho Rios rising out of the sea and into the clifs

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Of all the islands in the Caribbean that I’ve traveled to Jamaica is the one place that keeps calling me back. From the laid back culture and lifestyle, the reggae, the wonderful jerk chicken, and the Rastafarians. Jamaica is always a relaxing vacation sitting by the sea, under the warm Caribbean sun. I want to share with you my experiences in Jamaica, from Montego Bay where all my vacations here have started to the North Coast and Ocho Rios, to the West end and the magnificent beaches of Negril.

Here is a sign at the Airport Margaritaville that I always like to see on my way out of Jamaica.

Jamaica Airport

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Welcome to Find Good Hotels

Hi and welcome to our blog where we document our past travel experiences and let you know where to find good hotels. Our past journeys have taken us to such places as: Las Vegas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, and Europe. So enjoy reading about our experiences and we’ll also update the site with images so you can see for yourself.

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Catamaran on the carribean sea

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